Introduction: childhood, decision, the doubting of a teenager for the next step become adult

Let me introduce my self, well my name is hegy febrianto, and my nickname is hegi, that's how my friends usually call me.

So I was born in Surabaya city which has beautiful places, memories, food, and many more that I can’t forget about those places. I was growing up like a child in general in that era (i mean 90’s era) with playing kite, football, hide n seek, or just run to catch another kids, well without technology, without problems, I think that’s the best moment on my childhood.

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Until when I’m 23, actually after graduated from university, I was decided to go to Jakarta City that maybe I can grow up my skill, open my mind, or just to build some connection with another’s person outside of my hometown.

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And I think that’s the best decision that I grateful for all of my life, I got my so many things such as experience’s on my career, a new dialect, a new accent that I can’t reach in my hometown. Cause I think on Surabaya City peoples still have a close-minded which if you have done something that outside the behaviour or just doing abnormally like peoples doing you will be judged to be strange, freak, like an example if you talk normally with English on your friend’s on-campus or just talk with Bahasa (cause normally they use the Javanese language) you will be judged to strange, freak or something like that.

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